Could the same fate Friske, Bilyk was on the verge of survival

Могла повторить судьбу Фриске, Билык оказалась на грани выживания

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Ukrainian singer Iryna Bilyk has never concealed that her youngest son Tabriz was born through a surrogate mother. However, it appeared that at this step the artist went due to a serious health hazard.

Iryna Bilyk decided in the interview to reveal the secrets of his personal life. The first official husband of the singer was the producer and photographer of Azerbaijani origin Aslan Akhmadov. The couple live at marriage in two countries — Ukraine and Russia. And in 2015, the surrogate mother gave birth to the couples son Tabriz. Bilyk admitted why he decided not to give birth on their own:

Могла повторить судьбу Фриске, Билык оказалась на грани выживания

Irina Bilyk,

“I had to give birth to itself. But then I had the surgery. Of course, in any interview, the artists will never tell you, because nobody asks. And when I had the surgery and was told that I may have problems, as Zhanna Friske, I decided that I need my people and I will not risk it,” said the singer. Iryna Bilyk

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As to whether it was cancer, Bilyk responded: “Almost Yes”. According to the singer, she has no regrets about how everything went because she has a wonderful son.

Могла повторить судьбу Фриске, Билык оказалась на грани выживания

Iryna Bilyk, 24 channel

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