Couldn’t move, only cried: under Windows, the grandson of Nikita Mikhalkov found mutilated model, the main version

Не могла пошевелиться, только плакала: под окнами внука Никиты Михалкова нашли искалеченную модель, главные версии

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Famous model Ksenia performed same functions with serious injuries on the morning of January 11, found the janitor. The girl fell from the apartment window of a grandson of Nikita Mikhalkov. However, a friend of the girl believes that something happened that at the moment, try to hide.

From the fall the girl suffered her traumatic brain injury, multiple bruises, dislocated hip, bruised spine and lungs. She found the janitor, who said that the girl was without shoes, could not move, called his name and cried.

Не могла пошевелиться, только плакала: под окнами внука Никиты Михалкова нашли искалеченную модель, главные версии

Kseniya Performed Same Functions

“Guys, she has a broken leg, ribs. Obviously hid. She was at a party with a bunch of my friends, whose parents, most likely, will do everything so no one would know the truth,” says a friend.

A friend of the victim Alesia says she didn’t do drugs. Now she is in the hospital, the doctors say that the injuries of the girl typical of a fall from 3-4 stories.

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Earlier we wrote that in the center of Moscow janitor found barely alive 21-year-old model Ksenia performed same functions, which lay in the bushes and not being able to move, only cried. Now the girl was admitted to the hospital, where doctors “assembled” from its parts, because it has not only broken head, ay broken legs and ribs.

According to preliminary data it is known that the day before this girl went to the bar with her boyfriend – grandson of film Director Nikita Mikhalkov, Andrei Borkov. Then returned to the guy’s apartment, from whose Windows she had. However, it is unknown, or is it a coincidence, or the model deliberately thrown out the window. After all, when the police came to the apartment, then her boyfriend supposedly slept and knew nothing about the incident.

Recall that odious Mikhalkov refused Pugacheva.

As reported Know. ua, a well-known model mysteriously fell out of the window grandson Mikhalkov, the cops suspect the worst.

Also Know As. ua wrote that the question about gay forced Mikhalkov nervous, epic reaction, the controversial Director saw the world.

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