Courage, Celine!

Courage, Céline!


In front of a camera, Celine Dion can sometimes be hyperdramatic, thick butter, play comedy.

But this is not the case in her message where she announced to her fans around the world that she suffered from a rare neurological disease. 

When her voice chokes and she holds back sobs, Céline does not play. She doesn't pretend.

A singer who is afraid of not singing anymore is terrifying. And when Céline says she can't give her 100%, it means that she really means it, that she lives it painfully in her flesh. 

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THE STIFF WOMAN?< /strong>

Everything that touches Céline affects us as if it were a member of the family. So when we learned that she had to postpone her shows from spring 2023 to 2024 and that she was also canceling her eight shows scheduled for summer 2023, it fell like a thunderbolt. 

< p> When we learn that his body, which is so supple, so vigorous, so “efficient” on stage, is affected by a neurological anomaly which prevents him from walking normally, we say to ourselves collectively: “Well, let's see, not '' our'' Céline!». 

Stiff-man syndrome affects one in a million people. And it had to fall on the icon of Charlemagne?

I imagine the shock must have been just as great when fans of American comedian Michael J. Fox learned that he had Parkinson's disease.

You remember, in April of this year, Céline announced that she was postponing her Courage tour to 2023. She wanted to be reassuring in her short video. “The good news is that I still feel a little better. But it sure isn't going fast enough and that's super frustrating for me. My doctors are following me and I am getting treatment, but I still have muscle spasms.”

Courage, Céline!

Courage , Celine!

At QUB radio, with Philippe-Vincent Foisy, I said at the time: “If an artist of Celine Dion's caliber postpones it, it's not because she has a little headache, there's really something major. These spasms are starting to become extremely disturbing.” 

And I concluded by saying: “We're going to have to ask ourselves the question: 'Will Céline ever come back on stage?' '”.

The question arises even more acutely today. How many more times will she postpone her European tour? How many more times will she cancel shows? And the killer question: how long will her fans be willing to wait for her to feel better?

Céline has experienced several tragedies in her life: the death of her father, the death of René, the death of his mother.

But the death of his voice is in another category.

“Singing is something I have done all my life , and not being able to do that is unimaginable to me,” Celine said in her video. p>If I had to make bets, like in Las Vegas, I would not bet a large amount on a complete recovery of Celine in just 16 months. 

The pathology that affects Celine progressively worsens over time. time. 

As she sang at the time: “That's the way it is“.

Courage, C&éline!