Cover-face: a toronto-based firm aims high

Couvre-visage: une entreprise torontoise vise haut

TORONTO – A toronto-based company has designed a combination of “effective” protection against the COVID-19 completely covering the head and it feels that the people will be able to carry it in public spaces crowded public transport and even in the plane.

Founded during the containment, the company VYZR Technologies presents its combination BioVYZR as a respirator purifying powered air (PAPR) to the general public that filters the air and protects the personal space.

The company was founded by the brothers and sisters Dina and Yezin Al-Qaysi said that most of the personal protective equipment (PPE) currently on the market are not effective to protect the population and prevent transmission.

Weighing 1.25 kg (with battery) and 0.95 kg (without battery), this product has false airs of a combination of an astronaut, a helmet or a shield in 3D for the face. It is equipped with a ventilation system and air purification, filters, N95, and a battery that can be recharged via a USB port. It filters up to 95 % of airborne particles in the air explains it.

If the aviation sector is referred to by the designers of the BioVYZR, a spokesman for a european carrier has entrusted the newspaper “Telegraph” that it would be difficult to install a mask in the air in case of decompression, while another expressed concern about the height of the product if it was necessary to quickly conduct an evacuation.

Still, the infatuation is so strong for this prototype is that during the campaign of sociofinancement still in progress, more than 1500 people had invested nearly $ 750,000 in date of Friday. It is sold currently for about $ 250 US in pre-order.

The co-founder of the company has pointed out in media british as the biggest buyers of its flagship product are physicians, dentists, but also teachers, barbers or spa owners.

More than 50 000 units have been sold, according to the newspaper, and the first deliveries should be made at the end of the month of July.

She believes that her product will be suitable for people who are also found in the classrooms, in meetings and other events and conferences that are held inside in particular.

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