COVID-19: 10 new deaths and drop in hospitalizations in Quebec

COVID-19: 10 new deaths and drop in hospitalizations in Quebec


Quebec has 2,056 hospitalized people declared positive for COVID-19, including 55 patients in intensive care. The latest report from the province also reports 10 additional deaths.

Nevertheless, Quebec has reported a decrease in hospitalizations related to COVID-19 in the last 24 hours after two days of increase.

Thus, 46 Quebecers from less than the day before occupy a hospital bed, for a total of 2056 hospitalizations, including 694 due to COVID-19. The number of people in intensive care remained stable compared to Wednesday's toll (55).

Ten additional deaths were also reported on Thursday, down from 19 reported on Wednesday and 25 deaths on Tuesday.

Public Health reported 1,250 new cases detected by PCR tests and 201 self-reported positive rapid tests during the day on Wednesday.

A total of 4,346 healthcare workers are absent for reasons related to COVID-19.


  • 1,160,337 people infected (+1,250*)
  • 16,098 deaths (+10)
  • 4346 healthcare workers absent for COVID-related reasons
  • 2056 people hospitalized (- 46)
    • 145 inputs
    • 191 outputs
  • 55 people in intensive care (-3)
    • 12 entries
    • 12 exits
  • 12,145 samples taken on August 9
  • 274,388 self-declared rapid tests so far, including 229,511 positive: 251 declared for yesterday, including 201 positive. 

9974 doses administered are added, for a total of 20,422,314 doses administered in Quebec.

* The number of cases listed is not not representative of the situation since access to screening centers is restricted to priority clienteles