COVID-19: 20 more deaths in Quebec

COVID-19: 20 more deaths in Quebec


Quebec added 20 more deaths related to COVID-19 to its latest report published Tuesday morning. 

Among these deaths, two occurred in past 24 hours while 13 others occurred between two and seven days ago, and five occurred more than a week ago.

The number of Quebecers hospitalized with COVID-19 continues to fall, and has been since January 8. A total of 1,711 people are in hospital beds, including 545 due to COVID-19, a decrease of 47 from the previous day.

Of these, 37 people are in intensive care, a figure also down (-5) compared to Monday.

Quebec reported 536 new cases of COVID-19 which were recorded in testing centers in the province, and 35 tests positive were self-declared on Monday.

It should also be noted that 2,001 health care workers are still absent from the network for reasons related to the virus, whether for preventive withdrawal, isolation or waiting for results.