COVID-19: 3000 new cases in 24 hours in Iran, a peak unseen since two months

COVID-19: 3000 nouveaux cas en 24h en Iran, un pic inédit depuis deux mois

Tehran | Iran announced on Monday that almost 3,000 new infections with the novel coronavirus in the past 24 hours, the highest increase recorded in the last two months in the country.

“People seem to think that the coronavirus is finished” but it is “far from” and “we could be looking at any time at a (another) pic dangerous”, warned the minister of Health Saeed Namaki, in a tv interview.

According to the spokesperson of the ministry, Kianouche Jahanpour, 2979 new cases were registered, bringing the total balance of sick of the COVID-19 to 154 445.

The virus has also been 7878 dead in the islamic Republic, whose 81 these last 24 hours.

The provinces of Hormozgan (south), from Kermanshah (west) and the Sistan-Baluchistan (south-east) are currently experiencing a resurgence of infections, said Dr. Namaki.

Half of the victims recorded over the last 24 hours have been located in three provinces, he added, without naming them.

“If this continues, the number of dead could return to three figures.”

The number of new registered cases in Iran has risen almost constantly since 2 may, when the country announced it had reached a low in two months.

According to some foreign experts, as well as several iranian officials, the government figures are grossly under-estimated.

The health authorities have repeatedly alerted on the situation in the province of Khuzestan, in the south-west of the country.

The Khouzestan remains classified as red – highest risk level according to the color code established by the authorities, and is the only province where there have been réimposées of the containment measures to combat the epidemic.

“We implored people not to hold weddings or funerals, but they have not listened to”, especially in Khuzestan, said Mr. Namaki.

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