COVID-19: 65% of quebec firms were not ready for the crisis

COVID-19: 65% des entreprises québécoises n’étaient pas prêtes pour la crise

According to a poll conducted between 12 and 20 march, before the explosion in the number of cases of the COVID-19, 65% of managers in medium-sized and large enterprises in Quebec were not ready to cope with a major crisis.

The study, conducted online on behalf of Fernandez public relations by the firm of surveys in the Light, shows that the leaders believed little (61%) or not at all (4%) to the fact that their business is found again in a situation of crisis management to the public. However, approximately half of the respondents said that they already had to manage a crisis before.

“This probe has clearly demonstrated a trend of owners and managers of companies to minimize risks related to crisis communication. It’s a safe bet that some of them have had an awareness since the beginning of the health crisis, they have seen the impact of communications with customers, suppliers, partners and, of course, the employees”, stated by way of a press release, Annie Fernandez, president and founder of the agency Fernandez public relations.

In addition, the sonar noted that “a mixture of optimism and denial” among the leaders in conducting the stroke of the probe. “The majority had the perception of being well-equipped and/or considered unlikely that such a crisis occurs […]”, commented Cyntia Darisse, vice-president at Light.

“This is not stranger to the fact that the respondents demonstrate a strong will to fend for themselves with their internal resources (54%), although they are not always specialized in management of crisis, internal or external, and that the image of the company could suffer from inadequate management”, she added.

To note that 56% of companies whose executives were less prepared to have their head office in Quebec.

In all, 300 managers or owners of companies with more than 30 employees responded to the survey.

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