COVID-19 : a crisis management “joint” of Trudeau, according to Tasha Kheiriddin

COVID-19 : une gestion de crise «mixte» de Trudeau, selon Tasha Kheiriddin

Because of the dissemination of information unclear on the measures of protection, assistance programmes in complex as well as various errors in critical sectors, the former political analyst at Radio-Canada Tasha Kheiriddin calls it, “mixed” the way Justin Trudeau handled the pandemic of the COVID-19.

“Their biggest mistakes have been in areas where they have the most skills, such as borders, customs, airports, and travel warnings official”, speaks to QUB radio.

In short, if the ministry of foreign Affairs was less quick to issue warnings official travel, several vacationers would have remained in the country during the week of spring break instead of flying away to a foreign country, believes Kheiriddin. The number of cases in quebec from contamination abroad would have been less important.

Although she sees the balance sheet canadian more than 8,000 people died as ” horrific “, the analyst believes that without the establishment of federal programs to help pay to discourage people to go to work, “it could have been worse”.

Listen to the full interview of Tasha Kheiriddin.

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