COVID-19 : A laboratory he who is working on a vaccine would be spied on

A laboratory of Three-Rivers, who is working on the development of a vaccine against the COVID-19 could be the target of foreign spies.

Its lead researcher has clues pointing in this direction, particularly of the repetitive call from the United States and a lot of traffic up sharply on his LinkedIn account from a large part of China.

“As soon as we started working, it is known. It took about a week. Barely a week after I was taking calls abnormal in the United States. The solution for me is to simply not respond,” said Yves Hurtubise, Biotech, Ulysses, a laboratory housed at the Technopark on the site Three Rivers on the Saint Lawrence river.

Two weeks ago, the researcher has realized that his fears might be based when it has been approached by the canadian security intelligence. He has been invited to remain on his guard because its research centre could be the target of interference, espionage, or cyber attack, in particular China, Iran and Russia.

He has been asked four researchers from the centre for caution.

Also, it has been advised not to take their laptops with them when the travel will again be allowed, in order to protect the sensitive data.

The former member of CSIS Michel Juneau-Katsuya is not surprising at all is the lust foreign.

“As it is a race with more riders, more people are looking to know exactly where the other is and what they have discovered. In this vein, governments are also complicit in several attempts to steal the information.”

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