COVID-19: a little over 900 dead in 24 hours in the United States

COVID-19: un peu plus de 900 morts en 24 heures aux États-Unis

WASHINGTON | The coronavirus has made 922 additional deaths in 24 hours in the United States, according to the counting to 20: 30 Friday from the Johns Hopkins University, in which reference is made.

This brings to more than 109 000 the total number of deaths in the country, where more than 1 894 000 cases have also been identified, according to figures the university updated continuously.

Some 491 000 people are declared cured.

The United States is, in absolute value, by far the country most affected by the pandemic, both in the number of deaths than cases diagnosed. But once these numbers are reported to the population, several european countries – including France, Italy or Spain – there are more deaths per capita than America.

Donald Trump said on Friday that the United States had “largely overcome” pandemic COVID-19. He again called on the governors of the States to remove the containment and other restrictions still in force.

If they have lamented up to more than 3000 deaths in one day in mid-April, the United States are currently still around 1000 people dead and 20 000 new cases every day.

According to an average of nine epidemiological models carried out by researchers from the university of Massachusetts, the number of deaths of the COVID-19 should be around 127 000 deaths in the country by June 27.

Even if the pandemic is slowing down in the country since the peak reached in mid-April, health professionals are concerned, with the current protest against police brutality and racism, a resurgence in the weeks to come.

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