COVID-19: a mosque of Ottawa forced to close in disaster

COVID-19: une mosquée d'Ottawa forcée de fermer en catastrophe

OTTAWA | just re-opened a mosque Ottawa had to decide to close, again, its doors on Tuesday due to a faithful who have contracted the COVID-19.

The imam and chairman of the Jami mosque of Omar, Anver Malam, said in a message published on the website of the place of worship that the faithful infected with the coronavirus has contacted the organization Monday. The patient in the habit of coming daily to the mosque to pray, has it been clarified.

“In order to protect the health and well-being of the members of our community, we have decided to close [the mosque] Jami Omar immediately until further notice,” said the imam, Malam.

The place of worship will remain closed for at least two weeks, has been provided.

Disinfection of the common areas and the gym of the mosque was carried out and the public health of Ottawa has been notified of the potential outbreak. The people who attended the mosque have also been notified.

“As confirmed by the staff of the public health, the risk [of contracting the virus] is very low for people who have visited Jami Omar. We have decided to close the mosque as a precaution, in case someone else will find itself with symptoms,” said Anver Malam.


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