COVID-19: a party at the fire department in Rosemont

COVID-19: un party chez les pompiers dans Rosemont

MONTREAL – A celebration of retirement at the fire station 29, located on Masson street near the park, the Pelican, has raised the hackles of a citizen of Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie of Wednesday evening.

“The garage door was open and several people were gathered in the entrance, but we could easily see that the real party was in the building, behind the fire trucks”, we told the teacher in montreal who has preferred to keep anonymity.

A quarantine of people who were “obviously not all of the firefighters” were gathered together for a BBQ, depending on the teacher.

“The rest of us, we did not have to comply with these rules since we work pasted into the same trucks”, would have told one of the firefighters when the citizen asked him the reason of this gathering that did not take into account health measures, existing link with the COVID-19.

“Nobody respected the distance of two meters, and not wearing a mask”, she said.

The gatherings interiors are not prohibited in a work environment which is not covered by a suspension of the government of Quebec (such as fire), but to the extent possible, the distance of two meters, however, should be maintained.

A rally defended

If there were any guests who do not work at the barracks, as mentioned by the citizen, the gathering was beautiful and well defended, according to the ministry of Health and social Services.

On the phone, the assistant director of the service Center – Operations at Service de sécurité incendie de Montréal (SIM), Frédéric Paquette, said he was concerned about the situation and he has confirmed that his team was working to collect more information on the event, but he preferred to formally respond by e-mail.

“The health and safety of our employees as well as the population are a priority for the management of the SIM”, a-t-write. The direction of the SIM said it would “continue its efforts to ensure compliance with the guidelines of the regional Directorate of public health, including those related to the distancing, hand washing, gatherings, as well as the port of the mask.”

Show the example

The teacher told us that she was particularly shocked, given that the “ordinary citizens” are currently a lot of sacrifices to comply with the sanitary rules.

“It was the 45th anniversary of my spouse’s [Wednesday] and we celebrated by eating an ice cream with his mother and our children to the park, keeping our distance, said the mother of the family who also shows an example to its students as regards measures to prevent the COVID-19.

“Imagine if, after that, a gang of profs would get together to make a party”, she explained to the firemen that he would have repeated with arrogance that the guidelines were “not for them”.

When the woman came back from the park with his family, the fire department had moved a part of the party outside and many guests were no longer visible from the street. It is at this time that the photos were taken.

The SPVM has not responded to our interview request.

If you are a witness of a gathering which requires a police response, do not call 911. Contact the police department that serves your territory.

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