COVID-19: a second wave as early as July?

COVID-19: une deuxième vague dès juillet?

OTTAWA-federal health authorities warn that a second wave of contagion of the COVID-19 could come as early as July, in full déconfinement.

This is the caveat that they have offered, yesterday, by unveiling the most recent curves for the whole country.

Except for a few outbreaks of an outbreak where transmission community is still in progress, as well as Montreal, the pandemic is under control in the country.

But with the déconfinement, and without extra measure of control as

the detection and isolation of cases and quarantine of infected persons, a second wave could be at our doors.

“If the Canadian release completely distancing physical, wearing a mask, hygiene practices, there might be another wave in maybe two or three weeks,” said Dr. Howard Njoo.

The second wave may occur “in two or three weeks” if the Canadian release completely distancing the physical body, the mask-wearing and good practice of hygiene, they warned.

The public health experts have also pointed out that the déconfinement could lead to an increase of the case, without measures with additional control as

the detection and isolation of cases, research, and quarantine of infected persons.

The new curves provide that the number of deaths from the coronavirus could be up to 8900 by July 12

At the present time, any 8520 Canadians died of the virus.

“After a spring of very difficult, things continue to improve,” commented the prime minister Justin Trudeau. One of the hot zones, but in the country as a whole, the number of cases, hospitalizations and deaths is decreasing.”

The curves of the federal provide that the number of cases, him, will range from 104 000 to 108 000 in the next two weeks.

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