COVID-19: adoptions put on pause

COVID-19: les adoptions mises sur pause

While the adoption process was put on hold because of the COVID-19. An adoptive mother of two children is concerned about the stay of proceedings in his case.

It has already been two weeks that Marie-Claude Lamarche is trying to reach without success the DPJ in the territory of the CISSS, Montérégie-East.

Ms. Lamarche wants to adopt a 7-year old boy who lived in Thailand. The latter arrived in this country last November.

She had an appointment with a psychologist scheduled at the beginning of the month of June for a report is essential in order to complete the adoption process. Without that relationship, the child is always under supervision.

“There may be more issues serious and the fact that psychologists are not able to accompany us in this, it is taken for granted that there is no greater health risks,” says Mrs. Lamarche.

Ms. Lamarche said to have been in contact with the psychologist who says he is willing to do the evaluation, but who says that the DPJ has prohibited.

The DPJ explains the slowdown by the fact that employees have been reassigned during the crisis “to assess the situation of children considered the most vulnerable”.

This reallocation, then, has “caused a certain slowdown in services adoption, but has not had any impact on the children who are involved in a process of adoption,” says John Martin, assistant director of the PDI for the CISSS Montérégie-East.

The staff adoption of the DYP should be back in office from Monday.

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