COVID-19: an American in six has not been able to pay his rent in June

COVID-19: un Américain sur six n’a pas pu payer son loyer en juin

Nearly one American in six has not been able to pay his rent in June because of the crisis of the COVID-19, and nearly one in three is worried about the deadline of July, according to data from the Bureau of the census.

A little more than 16 % of the respondents declared not having been able to pay their rent in June, and 30.6 % say they are somewhat or not confident about their ability to pay the July, according to a survey of 73.8 million people between the 2 and the 7 July.

Nearly half of Americans experienced a decline in wages since the implementation of measures massive containment in the United States in mid-march, according to the Census Bureau.

This study, conducted every week since the end of the month of march, should enable us to measure ” the way in which the life of the people has been affected by the pandemic COVID-19 “, details the Census Bureau on its website.

Some figures are obtained from questionnaires sent to individuals, others by compiling data collected by different federal agencies.

The pandemic has caused them to lose their jobs in the tens of millions of Americans, and they were $ 32 million to be registered as unemployed at the end of the month of June, up from 1.6 million a year earlier, according to figures released Thursday by the department of Labor.

The United States is home to a little more than 328 million people.

The case of COVID-19 explode again in the United States for a month, especially in Florida.

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