COVID-19: an SAQ in Levis closed after the visit of a client at risk

An SAQ branch in Lévis was closed Thursday afternoon following the visit of a sick client whose symptoms are similar to those of COVID-19.
V ers 12:45 a 85 year old man presented himself at the SAQ Selection of the Route du President Kennedy. He “was staggering, with a strong cough, with sputum. At one point, the gentleman mentioned that he was having difficulty breathing, so the staff people expelled him, ”said Jean-Sébastien Levan, spokesperson for the Lévis police.

“There was every indication that there was a risk of contagion from COVID-19,” said Levan.

When the police arrived, the octogenarian stood against his vehicle and was accompanied by another person. The police officer who intervened with him put on a white jumpsuit usually used for Fentanyl cases, with a mask and glasses.

The man was transported to the Hôtel-Dieu in Lévis by the paramedics according to a special protocol surrounding the coronavirus.

According to Jean-Sébastien Levan, the SAQ Sélection de Lévis will be closed for at least 24 hours. An employee was sent to segregation for 14 days. It is unknown at this time what will happen to other employees.

On Wednesday, another SAQ branch – that of Bromont, in Estrie – was closed in connection with COVID-19.

Employees recognized in a TVA interview a client tested positive for the virus who came to the Bromont branch last Friday to fill up on bottles of wine.

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