COVID-19: Boris Johnson is hoping a return to normal “for Christmas”

COVID-19: Boris Johnson espère un retour à la normale « pour Noël »

The british prime minister, Boris Johnson announced on Friday the next key stages of the déconfinement in his country, saying that it hoped a ” return to normal at the earliest from November, perhaps in time for Christmas “, despite fears over a new wave of coronavirus.

With more than 45,000 dead, the Uk is the country most hard hit in Europe by the pandemic, and the conservative government of Boris Johnson found himself under fire for his handling of the crisis.

So far, the leader has shown to be rather optimistic for the future. “I hope deeply and sincerely that we will be able to remove the extraordinary measures” put in place to contain the epidemic ” and allow a true return to normal at the earliest from November, perhaps in time for Christmas “, he said during a press conference.

To do this, the government intends to further increase its capacity for screening, aimed at “at least 500 000 tests per day, or 3.5 million per week” to the end of October. It will give also 3 billion extra pounds (3.3 billion euros) in the public service of british health (NHS).

Boris Johnson has also unveiled the next steps in its plan to exit gradually, the England of the containment introduced on march 23, in order to combat the spread of the new coronavirus.

While pubs and restaurants have re-opened in early July, the conservative leader has encouraged the English to resume the transport as soon as Friday and encouraged them to return to their place of work from the 1st of August, by handing over to the employers to determine if employees should continue working and return to the office.

“High” risk of second wave

Casinos, bowling alleys, skating rinks, beauticians, and concert halls will re-open on the same date, he added.

Schools, colleges, and systems of care for children will resume full-time service from September. The fall marks the return of the weddings up to 30 people for conferences and events in stadiums.

Contrasting with the enthusiasm displayed by Boris Johnson, the chief of health services English, Chris Whitty, has shown to be much more careful, considerate Friday before a parliamentary committee that the measures of social distancing should still be followed ” for a long time “.

The scientific advisor to the government, Patrick Vallance, has abounded in its meaning, deeming it “high” the risk of a second wave of contamination.

“There is a significant risk that (the epidemic) came back in force “, he stated before the same commission. “All those with whom I have spoken believe that this disease will most likely to circulate, which could become seasonal and return in waves “.

According to a study by the Academy of medical sciences published Tuesday, a second wave of new coronavirus this winter could be up to 120, 000 deaths in the hospitals of the United Kingdom in a “worst-case scenario reasonable” without adequate preparation.

The report warns that “intense preparation” is needed now to reduce the risks that the public health service is overwhelmed during winter.

Boris Johnson has stated that the schedule presented Friday was “conditional” and subject to the evolution of the epidemic. Local authorities across England will be given new powers in order to be able to impose quickly to local restrictions in the event of an outbreak of the epidemic.

“If we continue to stick together as we have done until here, I know that we can defeat this virus “, said the prime minister, stating, ” hope for the best-case scenario, but prepare for the worst “.

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