COVID-19: Canada passes 30,000 dead milestone

COVID-19: Canada passes 30,000 dead milestone

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Canada passed the milestone of 30,000 COVID-19 victims on Thursday against the backdrop of a resurgence of the pandemic with the arrival in the country of the Omicron variant.

Ontario's daily death toll of nine more deaths has seen Canada surpass the token mark. The country now has 30,009 patients who died while carrying the virus over a period of just over 21 months, the first death in Canada having been recorded on March 9, 2020.

The depressing mark is reached as Ontario unveiled a high of 2,421 infections on Thursday, a number not seen in the province since mid-May.

The Omicron variant, set to become the dominant strain in the province – if it hasn't already – therefore continues to spread at full speed in Ontario, where the average number of cases over seven days has increased by about 60% in barely a week.

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Doug Ford decided to go on the offensive by allowing, as of Monday, the entire adult population to receive a third dose of the vaccine against COVID-19, in hopes of stemming the damage from the Omicron wave.

Quebec, for its part, also reached a new high with 2,736 more cases, as well as five deaths. The number of infections currently recorded in the province compares to the worst moments of the second wave, in January 2021.

On the other hand, the effects of the increase in cases were limited in hospitals, with 305 infected patients (-4), including 63 in intensive care (-10).

The Legault government also announced, Thursday evening, the tightening of several measures for the holiday season, and this , for a second consecutive year.

Thus, New Years Eve will be limited to 10 people instead of 20 and from Monday, the capacity in bars, restaurants, performance halls and amphitheatres will still be cut in half.

Francois Legault also indicated that the administration of the third dose was “the priority” of the government. The interval between the second and third dose, which was set at six months, is reduced to three months. As of Monday, people 65 and over can make an appointment, and those 60 and over the following week.

In the rest of Canada, Manitoba added 211 new cases to its toll on Thursday, as well as two deaths. Saskatchewan has also updated its data (+54), as has the Yukon (+8).

Situation in Canada & nbsp;

  • Ontario : 639,341 cases (10,102 deaths)
  • Quebec: 474,478 cases (11,627 deaths)
  • Alberta: 340,470 cases (3,285 deaths)
  • British Columbia: 224,245 cases (2,393 deaths)
  • Saskatchewan: 82,015 cases (941 deaths)
  • Manitoba: 70,551 cases (1,359 deaths)
  • New Brunswick: 9,973 cases (144 deaths)
  • Nova Scotia: 8,968 cases (110 deaths)
  • Northwest Territories: 2,076 cases (12 deaths)
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: 2106 cases (18 deaths)
  • Yukon: 1614 cases (14 deaths)
  • Nunavut: 676 cases (4 deaths)
  • Prince Edward Island: 434 cases
  • Repatriated Canadians : 13 cases

Total: 1,856,960 cases (30,009 deaths)

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