COVID-19: cases are piling up in Mauricie Center-du-Québec

COVID-19: cases are accumulating in Mauricie Center-du-Qu & eacute; bec

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For a week, the number of active cases has more than doubled in Wemotaci in Haute-Mauricie. The situation is also surprising in La Tuque, which has recorded 16 more cases since the weekend.

In Wemotaci, five new infections have been identified since Saturday, when there were fewer than five cases in the community since July, said the CIUSSS-MCQ.

The first infected person would have attended a school according to the Head of the communications mission for the Emergency Measures Committee, Yvon Dubé.

As a preventive measure, the two schools, the CPE, the Maison des jeunes and the Arthur Quoquochi Sports Center are closed until next week.

“It's still the beginning of an outbreak in the community, so we are monitoring the situation closely, day to day” , assured Mr. Dubé.

The upward trend has also been maintained in recent days in the Nicolet-Yamaska ​​RCM. The CIUSSS-MCQ has 31 new positive tests there.

Outbreaks in schools

Among the coronavirus infections, several are found in primary schools in the MRC, confirmed the secretary general of the Center de services scolaire de la Riveraine, Isabelle Bourque.

“We have 17 active cases in our primary schools. We currently have four groups that are closed in four different schools. ”

Some of these groups, forced to be withdrawn from school because more than two cases are active in them, will be able to return to their establishment as early as next week.

If the vaccination is going well In the region, the Trois-Rivières screening center is starting to fill up again. The toll has grown in recent days, with 51 new cases Thursday according to the latest toll.

Most of the people met by TVA Nouvelles on Thursday afternoon said they were tested either because they showed symptoms, or because of contact with a confirmed case.

According to information from the CIUSSS-MCQ, the places most prone to contamination at the moment are schools and homes. Also, we note that nearly half of the cases are found in those under 20 years of age. Overall, about three in four cases are unvaccinated.

The increase in cases is noticeable in the regions, but also everywhere in Quebec. In the province, more than 900 new cases are reported in the latest assessment and five additional deaths have been deplored in the last 24 hours.

According to the epidemiologist at the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec, Dr Gaston De Serres, vaccination for 5-11 year olds comes just at the right time for the holiday season.

“[The vaccination] will, probably, reduce the transmission that could be done around Noël ”, pointed out Dr De Serres.

The objective is to achieve collective immunity. In Mauricie – Center-du-Québec, 35,000 children are now entitled to be inoculated.

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