COVID-19: Côte-Saint-Luc requires the wearing of a covering face

COVID-19: Côte-Saint-Luc oblige le port d’un couvre-visage

CÔTE-SAINT-LUC | The municipality of Côte-Saint-Luc, in the west of the island of Montreal, adopted a regulation requiring the wearing of a covering face in all municipal buildings and within shops.

The measure was adopted Monday at a special meeting of the city council, and it expires next August 31. A grace period is given.

“The port covers face to protect the people around you if you have the COVID-19, but you don’t realize it yet”, a-t-on said in a press release issued Tuesday.

  • LISTEN to the interview with the mayor of Côte-Saint-Luc Mitchell Brownstein at QUB radio :

As well, visitors must wear a cover-face at any time inside the municipal buildings, like the library. In addition, owners of shops, restaurants, salons and other commercial establishments may not allow entry into their store to a customer who is not wearing a cover face.

The regulations also require the presence of hand sanitizer in apartment buildings and condominiums, but a period of grace to implement the changes required, has been permitted by the City.

The latter has also promised to distribute soon covers her face.

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