COVID-19: delays in the distribution of the bivalent vaccine

COVID-19: delays in the distribution of the bivalent vaccine


While the bivalent vaccine against COVID-19 was to be available on Friday for all adults in Quebec, delivery turned out to be more complicated than expected, especially in pharmacies. 

Pharmacist-owners will be able to order the Spikevax vaccine as early as next week, according to a statement. 

“An approximate initial quantity of 20,000 doses is expected to be available to pharmacies next week. from September 12 and an additional quantity of 80,000 doses is expected for the week of September 19,” it reads.

At the vaccination clinic located at the Olympic Stadium, the bivalent vaccine is administered: the craze for this one was there. 

“I went to the Clic Santé platform and there were several options for making an appointment. I had first made an appointment at a pharmacy, but I saw that the bivalent vaccine was not available, so I went to the Stadium,” explained a citizen. 

“It’s to protect me, my family. For me, it is very important to keep the mask too,” said a woman surrounded by her husband and two children.