COVID-19: Did Dr Fauci lie?

COVID-19: Did Dr. Fauci lie?


As was the case for the last two years of his stint (he left in 2022) at the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, the eminent immunologist Anthony Fauci has been under attack since several days, mainly by conservatives and republicans.

An extraordinary career

Before getting to the reasons for these particularly harsh criticisms, it is important to recall the remarkable career of a scientist who advised many administrations, both Republican and Democratic. The man whom presidents called Tony, his diminutive, enjoyed a universal reputation before the pandemic.

A member of many prestigious associations, the octogenarian has served his fellow citizens and contributed to the advancement of research around the world, but we also owe him the development of several therapies that have helped save lives.

As has been the case for too many scientists, Fauci found himself in the thick of the turmoil at the height of the pandemic. Between the very legitimate concerns of a shaken population and the delirium of the conspirators, he was caught up in the partisan game, finding himself at the center of a management that had become increasingly political.

Rather than retiring in glory, he must still struggle against the elected Republicans in the House who leave too much room for their radical elements.

A liar and a concealer?

Perhaps you already knew that, for two years, he was reproached for seemingly contradictory remarks. Was wearing a mask desirable? Why advise against hydroxychloroquine, a “miracle” cure prescribed elsewhere?

Carried away by fear and panic, many people have forgotten that scientists are not magicians, that they had to react quickly by revising certain hypotheses, by learning about the virus and its mutations in the field and not in the laboratory. . 

As a good researcher, Anthony Fauci has always agreed to answer questions, adding to his usual responsibilities media tours and a large number of press conferences.

If he returns to the spotlight, it is because Republicans are investigating the management of COVID-19, but also its origins. They pounced on a new report from the Department of Energy, like the pox on the lower clergy. 

What did this report say? Without the benefit of sufficient evidence, we were reminded of what we already knew, namely that the virus could have spread after a laboratory leak.

Why blame Fauci? Because he would have done everything to dismiss this thesis, going so far as to use his influence to silence collaborators. If the immunologist is guilty of anything, it's to rely on science. 

It is likely, especially due to China's lack of transparency, that we will not We will never be certain about the origin of COVID-19. 

In the meantime, the most serious and extensive studies (here or here) point in the direction of an animal origin.< /p>

COVID-19: Did Dr. Fauci lie?