Covid-19: Disneyland pushes its re-opening in California

Covid-19: Disneyland repousse sa réouverture en Californie

LOS ANGELES | Disneyland theme park in California announced Wednesday that it postponed its reopening to the public, originally planned from 17 July, waiting for the green light from the health authorities.

Closed for more than four months because of the outbreak of coronavirus, Disneyland is the second theme park the most visited in the world, behind Disney World in Orlando (Florida), and usually attracts millions of tourists every year.

The California is a part of us States that are experiencing a worrying resurgence in cases of the COVID-19 in recent days, with daily records. Nearly 200 000 cases have been detected since the beginning of the epidemic.

The site was announced in early June that it planned to reopen its doors on the 17th of July, provided they receive the permission of local authorities.

But in the past have indicated that they do not set their instructions for the reopening of the park after the 4th of July, which will leave too little time to Disneyland to adapt, ” explains the park in a press release received by AFP.

“Given the time required to replace the work of thousands of employees and boost our business, we have no other choice than to postpone the re-opening of our theme parks and our hotels,” says Disneyland, not to give at this stage a new date for their resumption.

Disney World has already received the endorsement of the authorities and must reopen gradually in mid-July, as Disneyland Paris. The activities have already resumed at the Disneyland resort in Shanghai.

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