COVID-19: distancing physical lowered to one meter?

COVID-19: distanciation physique abaissée à un mètre?

The setpoint distance physics could move to a meter in “a few weeks” if the result of the déconfinement is going well.

“If there is no outbreak that is associated with the two meters, it may be that at this time there, you will be able to lower”, said Tuesday the Dr. Horacio Arruda.

The national Director of public health doesn’t hide it, he opted for a rule of remoteness physical more cautious when the pandemic hit the province of Quebec. The world health Organization recommends, for its part, maintain a distance of at least one metre between people. The extent differs from one country to the other.

“What we do know is that two meters, the risk is relatively low, noted Dr. Arruda. We went with a two metres because, anyway, you will understand that, when we say two meters, people will find themselves within one and a half meter, a meter also in some occasions”.

A plan for the sectors not déconfinés

The national Director of public health has also had to reassure the workers of the sectors that are not yet déconfinés. A timeline of when the next re-openings will be announced shortly.

“Over the next few days, we will be able to announce the plan. (…) We will give dates”, he added.

At the time it stood Tuesday, the press conference on the state of propagation of the COVID-19, owners of gyms protested in front of the national Assembly to resume their activities.


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