COVID-19: Donald Trump believes in the production of a vaccine before the presidential

COVID-19: Donald Trump croit à la production d’un vaccin avant la présidentielle

The american president Donald Trump said Thursday that a vaccine for the COVID-19 could be produced before the us presidential election of November 3, a forecast more optimistic than those of his experts.

He was a guest in the radio show of the conservative Geraldo Rivera, who asked him if he believed that a vaccine would be available by the election.

“I think that, yes, this will be possible before in some cases. But just around that date,” replied the president, according to which a vaccine could be ready “before the end of the year”, or even “good before”.

“We have a number of vaccines in the study”, he added. “It seems that we are going to be very good on the vaccines, and treatments as”.

The immunologist Anthony Fauci, a prominent member of the crisis unit of the White House on the COVID-19, had been more careful the day before on the calendar.

The director of the american Institute of infectious diseases, had said that it would not be possible “only towards the end of the year or the beginning of 2021” to know “if we have a safe and effective vaccine”.

The government of Donald Trump has invested a total of more than $ 9 billion of public money in various vaccine projects.

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