COVID-19: emerging evidence on the transmission by the air, the epidemic accelerates

COVID-19: preuves émergentes sur la transmission par l’air, l’épidémie s’accélère

The world Health Organization (WHO) warned Tuesday that ” the outbreak is accelerating “, and acknowledged on Tuesday that “evidence emerged” on the transmission by the air in the COVID-19, after a group of 239 international scientists has sounded the alarm on this mode of contagion.

“We recognise that evidence is emerging in this area and therefore we must be open to this possibility and understand its implications,” said Benedetta Allegranzi, a person in charge WHO, during a virtual press conference.

“The possibility of transmission by air in public places, particularly crowded, can not be excluded. The evidence, however, must be collected and interpreted, “continued Ms. Allegranzi, recommending that” effective ventilation in the premises closed, a distancing physical “. “When this is not possible, we recommend the wearing of the mask “, she added.

On Monday, more than 200 international scientists urged the WHO and the international medical community to ” recognize the potential of air-borne transmission of the COVID-19 “, in an article published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases Oxford.

The WHO, already criticized for having been slow to recommend the masks, has been accused of refusing to see the accumulation of clues spread through the air virus that has killed more than 500, 000 people in the world in six months.

“The epidemic is accelerating, and we have not reached the peak of the pandemic,” warned the director-general of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, during the press conference.

“If the number of deaths appears to have stabilized at the global level, in reality, some countries have made significant progress in reducing the number of deaths, while in other countries, deaths are still rising,” he stressed, recalling that 11.4 million cases in the world, and that the virus has killed more than 535 000 people.

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