COVID-19 – Episode 5: Fed up!

COVID-19 & ndash; & Eacute; episode 5: Fed up!

MISE & Agrave; DAY

Will we be 10 or 25 people on Christmas Eve? Will we travel or not? Will we all be eligible for a third dose of vaccine? Will it be effective against the Omicron variant?

As the holiday season approaches, the number of cases is increasing. Welcome to the fifth wave.

A feeling of déjà vu … Our series continues, we have reached the 5th episode.

Groundhog Day

It's almost two years since we are immersed in this catastrophic scenario: masks, containment, closures, telecommuting and partial reopening.

Did we think we were out of the hostel? Here we are wondering if we will not be forced to put the cover back.

This pandemic has no expiry date. Better to prepare for life with the virus and its variants.

What time for the punch? My old woman would say

In principle, as long as vaccination is restricted to rich countries, the virus and its mutations will thumb our noses. While we make an appointment for our third dose, some elsewhere on the planet have yet to see the color of their first vaccine.

This 5th episode is therefore courtesy of the Delta variant. Omicron is still doing its classes, Delta is the star of the hour. No worries, willingly or unwillingly we will learn the Greek alphabet.

Misery, this COVID-19 is coming out of our ears!

The government risks imposing new ones on us restrictions before Christmas. Judging by the situation in Europe, that doesn't bode well here.

What kind of holiday season will we get? Program of the festivities to come.

Advice to the authorities: no way to praise the holidays as sad as last year. Between vaccinated people and in small groups, we should be able to organize a New Year's Eve.

In short: if we cannot receive my aunt Aline at Christmas, she will come on New Year's Day with Céline, c 'is all!

COVID-19 & ndash; & Eacute; episode 5: Fed up !

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