COVID-19 : Europe threatened by a new wave, the pandemic expands in America

COVID-19 : l’Europe menacée d’une nouvelle vague, la pandémie enfle en Amérique

PARIS | The pandemic of the COVID-19 threat of going back to Europe, where the inhabitants are tempted to lower our guard, and is gaining momentum in the United States as in several countries in Latin America.

Crowded beaches in England in the grip of a heat wave, flights resumed at Paris-Orly, Europe is tempted to relax his vigilance while the WHO has warned Thursday of the risks of a new wave on the Old Continent.

Evidence of this persistent threat, the Ukraine recorded 1109 cases of novel coronavirus on Friday, a record high, the contagion is accelerating since the lifting of restrictions on 11 may. A “wave of serious, according to the authorities which are preparing new hospitals.

In the United States, the contagion is progressing in the West and especially the South, particularly in Texas, Florida and California.

Texas, one of the first u.s. States to have re-opened its economy, suspended on Thursday its process of déconfinement in progress.

The bar of the 5000 new cases has been taken on two successive days and hospital admissions have more than doubled in two weeks.

“This temporary pause will help our State to contain the spread,” said Thursday the republican governor of Texas Greg Abbott.

It has suspended surgical operations as non-essential in the major cities to maintain the capacity of the hospitals.

Many american leaders of a large section covering the South and West seen from a few weeks their hospitals fill with sick of the Covid-19.

Thursday, 20-h, the United States accounted for more than 37 000 newly diagnosed cases and 692 deaths for the day Thursday, according to the figures of the Centres for prevention and disease control (CDC).

A second wave was dreaded for the fall and winter, in conjunction with the seasonal flu, but it is a summer wave that draft.

In total, the pandemic has made 485 549 deaths officially recorded in the world, according to an assessment of the AFP Thursday at 20: 30. After the United States, it is Brazil that has suffered the most deaths (54 971).

Mexico said Thursday that more than 25,000 died of the virus and some 200 000 people infected since the beginning of the epidemic in this country of 127 million inhabitants, according to the authorities.

More than half of the nearly 105 000 people dead in the Caribbean and Latin America have been recorded in Brazil.

In Europe, the WHO warned Thursday against a new wave that is preparing so that the authorities and the inhabitants are tempted to turn the page of the pandemic that has brought the continent to the stop in the spring.

After three months of judgment, the parisian airport of Orly has welcomed the takeoff of the first flight, sprayed by the water cannons of fire in a ceremony called “water salute”.

In the Uk, the government has called on the British to adhere to the social distancing, threatening to close down the beaches, where thousands of people gathered in recent days in full heat wave.

The town council of the seaside resort of Bournemouth has involved the police while the beaches were packed as temperatures exceeding 30°C.

Thousands of Liverpool supporters have also defied the recommendations for health to celebrate the first title of champion of England club since 30 years in front of the stadium of Anfield Road on Thursday evening.

The police had also had to intervene to disperse several celebrations in the streets of London and at least 22 police officers were injured Wednesday night after having been the subject of jets with bottles in Brixton, in the south of the capital.

The world Health Organization, however, has warned Thursday of the continent against any temptation to lower our guard: “In eleven countries, the acceleration of the transmission has resulted in a resurgence of the most important, if not controlled, will push health systems to the brink of bankruptcy once more in Europe,” warned the director of the branch in the WHO-Europe, Hans Kluge.

Symptom of the fear of a new wave of supermarkets in australia are again imposed limits on the number of rolls of toilet paper that can be purchased, due to a new fever of purchases by customers panicked in the face of the resurgence of cases of coronavirus in Melbourne.

On the economic front, the president of the european central Bank, Christine Lagarde stated that “the worst is probably past,” insisting on the fact that the recovery will, however, “incomplete” and that it will “transform” the economy.

In Italy, the public deficit of Italy reached 10.8% of GDP in the first quarter, compared to 7.1 % a year earlier.

The prime minister of vietnam Nguyen Xuan lamented that the pandemic “swept across” years of economic growth in South-East Asia, at a summit of leaders of the region.

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