COVID-19: excess mortality unexplained in Western canada

COVID-19: surmortalité inexpliquée dans l'Ouest canadien

Hundreds of more deaths than average occurring this spring in Western canada remain unexplained to this day, noted Statistics Canada in a study that casts doubt on the evaluation of mortality related to the pandemic.

According to the results of the study to be published Friday, three of the four provinces most affected by the pandemic – British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec) had an episode of mortality in march and April. In other words, a much greater number of persons than the average of recent years died during this period.

Because they have not provided the necessary data, Ontario has been excluded from the study.

Thus, in Quebec, Statistics Canada noted that 1472 people have died from 15 march to 25 April than during any of the previous five years.

This excess material is, however, explained with the data of public health who has reported 2132-related deaths COVID-19 during this period.

During this time, British Columbia has shown, for the same period, 372 deaths more than the average of the last five years. However, only 99 deaths linked to the COVID-19 have been announced by the public health of this province from mid-march to late April.

The phenomenon is even more prominent in Alberta, where 402 death of more than the maximum registered in the past five years have occurred, always for the same period from 15 march to 25 April. However, only 40 deaths related to the COVID-19 have been announced during this period of time, which explains just 10 % of the excess mortality in alberta.

Statistics Canada is kept to say that the excess mortality observed in the West is directly attributable to the pandemic.

“Although these data seem to reveal that excess mortality was greater than the number of reported deaths related to the COVID-19, it should be noted that this may be due to other factors, such as fluctuations of the composition of the population and other initial causes of death,” said the federal agency.

“This excess mortality was observed in both sexes and appears to affect disproportionately persons over the age of 85 years”, has, however, added Statistics Canada.


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