COVID-19: fewer tickets each week

COVID-19: de moins en moins de contraventions chaque semaine

The pandemic will not cost too much in fines to the city: the police officers distribute each week less than fines for non-compliance with the rules related COVID-19.

From 31 may to 7 June, only 68 tickets have been issued by the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (SPVM) for gatherings outside or inside who violated the sanitary rules.

During the two previous weeks, this number was respectively 149 and 177 tickets.

According to the spokesperson of the SPVM André Durocher, the notice of violation distributed in the last few weeks relate to persons who violate the rules, blatantly.

During the month of April, approximately 55% of the tickets issued were for gatherings of inland people who did not belong to the same family unit, writes the SPVM. It was impossible to know what was the offence the more observed in may at the time of the interview.


Mr. Durocher wishes to recall that the SPVM is doing a lot of awareness-raising actions. “The police can do almost a hundred approaches with citizens before I give you the tickets”, he mentioned.

“We want to be clear: we didn’t want to be like Big Brother and to denounce the neighbors all day long. This is not the item searched for. This is not our culture”, he added.

The more the situation evolves, the more the regulations change, and it becomes more complex for the SPVM to enforce the laws of the order now than when the containment was in effect.

“When we announce things, the human being retains its case. [Since the beginning of the pandemic], I answered more questions from people who wanted to get around [the rules] that people who wanted to know,” said André Durocher.

A total of 2909 tickets have been issued by the POLICE in connection with the non-observance of the safety instructions since 12 march.

Tickets issued per week (total in parentheses):

  • May 17 to may 24: 177 (2692)
  • 24 may to 31 may: 149 (2841)
  • 31 may to 7 June: 68 (2909)
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