COVID-19: first death in Quebec

The first person died of coronavirus in Quebec. Resident of a shelter for seniors in the Lanaudière region, the elderly lady had been in contact with a person who had returned from a trip.
The e Prime Minister François Legault made the announcement Wednesday at a press conference the day in the company of the Minister of Health, Danielle McCann, and the National Director of Public Health, Horacio Arruda.

“You have to face it,” said Mr. Legault, whose daily updates are now widely followed on all platforms. “If we needed proof of gravity, we got it,” he said, looking serious.

The number of cases across Quebec increased to 94.20 more than the previous day at the same time. On the north shore of the Quebec region, it is five more cases and two in Chaudière-Appalaches. Estria has experienced the largest increase with nine new cases in the past 24 hours.

Out of 94 people infected with COVID-19 in Quebec, six are hospitalized, including two in intensive care.

Prime Minister Legault spoke directly to our seniors. “I know that some people are worried, anxious, it’s normal to have anxiety. But there is no risk if you are alone at home, if you do not meet other people, “he said.

Before recalling that the health network is ready and equipped to deal with the epidemic. There is no shortage of medical equipment or beds.

The possibility of a shortage of swabs, these long cotton swabs used to take samples from the mouth and nose for screening, or masks, Dr Arruda himself appealed to the population on Wednesday not to use mask, concerns the moment when the number of patients in our hospitals will have reached its peak. “In a month or two,” reassures Mr. Legault.

Quebec is discussing with the other provinces on this subject. Researchers and entrepreneurs from Quebec and Canada are even trying to develop methods to make our own masks.

Dr Arruda reiterated the importance of hand washing and social distancing.

“Masks are very important for caregivers, but not for people in general. Don’t think that wearing a mask is the quick fix! It gives a false sense of security. A mask is used to protect others, not you. And there is a protocol for putting on and taking off a mask, otherwise there is a risk of contagion. I much prefer a person who washes his hands and understands the contagion, ”says the director of public health in Quebec, with authority.

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