COVID-19: Five other deaths in CHSLD in Quebec

COVID-19: Cinq autres décès dans des CHSLD de Québec

The CIUSSS in the National Capital has confirmed 10 new positive cases in the territory, and five new deaths.

The five deaths, along with nine new cases out of 10, end up in NURSING homes known. The decrease in the number of new cases continues in the region.

In this latest report, two other deaths have been recorded in the CHSLD general Hospital of Quebec, for a total of 29 dead.

Three deaths have also been recorded in the Gardens of Evangeline, for a total of 14 deaths.

These three deaths to the Gardens of Evangeline, however, are occurring in the week of 22 may. According to the authorities, they were officially reported to the public health in the last 24 hours.

This brings the total to 1725 people infected and 151 deaths. At least 142 deaths out of 151 (94%) occurred in homes and the outbreak of CHSDL.

In the designated hospitals of the region, there are currently 23 hospitalizations.

The CHSLD Gardens of the Upper St. Lawrence has six new cases, while the CHSLD Le Faubourg has two new cases.

Finally, the CHSLD general Hospital of Quebec has stated that a user’s additional positive, for a grand total of 150 cases.

In Chaudière-Appalaches, there has been a single new case of coronavirus in the balance of the day.

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