COVID-19: Geneviève Guilbault made an appeal to the influencers to inspire young people

COVID-19: Geneviève Guilbault fait appel aux influenceurs pour conscientiser les jeunes

While new cases continue to multiply in the 15 to 34 years, the vice-prime minister Geneviève Guilbault made an appeal to the influencers of the web to raise awareness of young people to the risks posed by the COVID-19.

“What I would like, it is […] that influencers, either on YouTube, Instagram and others, embark in the movement and trying to pass the message to them also,” said Ms. Guilbault at a press conference on another topic, on Thursday.

According to the minister of public Safety, the influencers have a significant power to young people, who do not always follow the press briefings by the authorities.

The minister has also taken the opportunity to invite these stars of the web to be cautious.

“The influencers, those that I see on Instagram, that have a lot of subscribers, pay attention, she reported. When you do stories and that you’re stuck on your friends, and there seem to have a lot of friends at home, it does not send a good message.”

In parallel, the government is currently working on a new communication campaign which aims to reach young people through social networks, informed Ms. Guilbault.

A disturbing trend in Quebec city

In the beginning of the week, the vice prime minister expressed concern about the proliferation of outbreaks arising from partys private in the 15 to 34 years.

It is in these last that the majority of new cases of COVID-19 in the province.

In the region of the Capitale-Nationale, Ms. Guilbault is the minister responsible, the number of cases in this age category has increased by 40% since the déconfinement.

“For the first time [since the beginning of the pandemic] in the National Capital, the number of cases among the young exceeds that of older people”, reported the spokesperson of the CIUSSS of the Capitale-Nationale, Annie Ouellet.

Of the 84 active cases in the region, “46% of youth and 31% are older people”, she reported.

Ultimately, the vice-premier hopes as many young people as possible will be aware of the hazards of the COVID-19 for their health and that of others.

“They may well […] end up in hospital, recalled Ms. Guilbault. Then infect a vulnerable person, who, she, will, perhaps, suffer greatly and then die. It is not pleasant to have it on your conscience.”

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