COVID-19: hospitalizations still on the rise

COVID-19: hospitalizations still on the rise


Quebec has surpassed 2,000 COVID-19 hospitalizations, a milestone the province has not reached since May.

The 5 last May, 2051 people were hospitalized in connection with the virus, according to statistics from the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec (INSPQ). This is the first time since the number of hospitalizations has exceeded the symbolic mark of 2,000.

According to Wednesday's report, 2,057 Quebecers occupy a hospital bed, or 97 more than the day before.

Public Health also reported 14 more deaths in the past 24 hours, while 57 people are in intensive care (+2).

In addition, the number of infections continues to increase and 2,354 new cases were identified among those with access to the PCR test, and 663 positive rapid tests were self-reported during the day on Tuesday.

According to Public Health, 7,211 healthcare workers are absent due to COVID-19.


– 1,130,636 people infected (+2,354 *)

– 15,814 deaths (+14)

– 7,211 healthcare workers absent for COVID-related reasons

– 2,057 people hospitalized ( +97)

* 273 entries

* 176 exits

– 57 people in intensive care (+2)

* 10 entries

* 8 outings

– 16,868 samples taken on July 18

– 257,867 self-declared rapid tests so far, including 214,976 positive: 750 declared for yesterday, including 663 positive. 

* The number of cases listed is not representative of the situation since access to screening centers is restricted to priority clienteles

*** For detailed results by region, visit the INSPQ website by clicking here.