COVID-19: “I should have been vaccinated”, testifies a former antivax

COVID-19: “I should have got vaccinated”, testifies an old antivax


A Quebecer who contracted COVID-19 and whose pregnant wife was hospitalized at Saint-Eustache Hospital due to the virus tries to convince as many people as possible to get vaccinated . 

“At the start of this pandemic, I was antivax,” he explained upfront in a TikTok video released five days ago.

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Quebecer says his wife got pregnant during the pandemic, but they still decided she wouldn't get vaccinated.

“The inevitable happened. We both caught the COVID together, pretty solid thank you”, he confided on the social network. “I couldn't believe my eyes […] We were really messed up.”

His wife unfortunately ended up in intensive care at Saint-Eustache Hospital “It's been five days what is the. It's still going well, “he assured.

“I admit that having known I should have been vaccinated. […] the appointments are already made and I'm just waiting for that”, he declared, adding that catching COVID-19, “it's close to death”.

< p>Thanks to his testimony, he hopes to change the minds of as many people as possible and he invites all unvaccinated people to protect themselves against the virus.

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