COVID-19: IMV is moving closer to clinical testing

COVID-19: IMV se rapproche des tests cliniques

The biopharmaceutical IMV has made a further step towards the testing of its vaccine candidate in humans with the approval by Health Canada of the preparation of the first tests that will take place on elderly people, a rare occurrence for a phase 1.

The CEO of the company located in Nova Scotia, Frédéric Ors, is pleased to have this news confirmed yesterday. With the approval of the proposal made by the company for its testing phase initial, we can expect the launch of the first trials in the coming weeks.

“Most of our teams have worked every weekend since march, and sometimes at night,” says Mr. Gold about the work that has been done in the last few weeks.

In the elderly

The highlight of this announcement, however, remains the possibility for IMV to test his vaccine on people over 55 years of age as of the phase 1, which was not the case for other companies that have initiated clinical trials.

Knowing that the elderly are those most at risk of dying from the COVID-19, IMV, which has offices in Quebec city, writes thus make a more significant stride forward in ensuring this feat of arms.

“We had a lot of data on the elderly with our work on the cancer, so it’s going to accelerate the development of the vaccine, knowing that they are the customers most at risk,” said Mr Golds.

Of 84 patients who will receive the first doses of the vaccine IMV when Health Canada completes its study of the complete record of a clinical trial must submit to the company soon.

The biopharmaceutical board, moreover, in parallel to phases 2 and 3, so you don’t waste time. If all goes as planned, phase 2 could begin as early as this fall.

“We don’t have the choice to move things forward in parallel because of the severity of the COVID-19. To give an idea, the doses of phase 2 will be produced when we try to start the phase 1, and commercial production could trigger even before the phase 3 to be the fastest possible, ” says the president of IMV.

Many volunteers

The next recruitment for clinical trials, Frédéric Ors states that it is not an issue for the moment. In fact, it would be rather the reverse, so that the volunteers are there to help.

“From what we hear, there are waiting lists with many, many volunteers currently to be part of clinical studies,” says Mr Golds. For the moment, it is unclear whether the trials will take place in Quebec or Nova Scotia. It is, therefore, to say that the speech antivaccination, omnipresent in the public debate with the outbreak of the theories complotistes, would not have an impact on the work of biopharmaceuticals from here.

The vaccine IMV in brief

  • Synthetic to 100 %, the production can be faster than ” live “vaccines
  • Target four “weak points” of the virus to enter the antigens in the vaccine
  • The vaccine would retain its efficiency against some mutations of the virus
  • The platform DPX, developed by IMV, has already been used for a vaccine against a respiratory virus, and the preliminary results of DPX-COVID-19 are similar to the preliminary results of this vaccine
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