COVID-19: in Denmark, a robot to perform the screening tests

COVID-19: au Danemark, un robot pour réaliser les tests de dépistage

Danish researchers have developed a robot capable of conducting screening tests of the COVID-19, announced on Wednesday the University of southern Denmark.

“Researchers in robotics (..) have developed the first robot is fully automatic in the world capable of performing throat swabs for COVID-19, so that the health professionals are not exposed to the risk of infection,” said the University in a press release.

Thanks to an arm disposable 3D-printed and automatically shifted between each patient, the robot takes a swab and touch the exact spot of the gorge where the sample should be collected before placing the swab in a jar and screw the lid on and explained the research laboratory.

The robot is currently at prototype stage but a usable pattern on the ground is in course of construction in order to begin testing on patients, stressed to AFP the head of the project Thiusius Rajeeth Savarimuthu.

“There are prospects in the development of a robot for throat swabs in order that robots can take the relay of the samples to the time in relationship with COVID-19, but also for all future virus,” he said, quoted in the press release.

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