COVID-19 in France: no containment, but a tightening of measures in the face of the 5th wave

COVID-19 in France: no containment, but tougher measures against 5th wave

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PARIS | The French government is not considering at this stage “neither containment nor curfew”, but will tighten the constraints and open the vaccine booster from 5 months to adults in the face of the fifth wave of the COVID-19 epidemic currently experiencing France, Minister of Health Olivier Véran announced Thursday.

“We can pass this wave without resorting to the most restrictive tools” that certain neighboring countries of France have already imposed, he stressed, specifying that there would not be either at this stage “or early closure. of shops or travel restrictions “, in the face of this resurgence of the epidemic.

Olivier Véran indicated that the vaccine booster against COVID-19, most often the third dose, would now be” open to all adults from 5 months after their last injection ”, starting this Saturday.

“In practice, this concerns 25 million French people, 6 million of whom have already received their booster, so there are still 19 million French people who become eligible for the vaccination booster and whom we call on to be vaccinated in the next two months,” he said. He clarified.

M. & nbsp; Véran also announced that from Friday, wearing a mask would be “again compulsory (…) everywhere indoors” in places open to the public , including places where the health pass is requested.

“The prefects will also be empowered to make it compulsory to wear a mask for outdoor events, such as for example Christmas markets”, which will be subject to the sanitary pass, “& nbsp; or flea markets”, a-t- He clarified.

The period of validity of negative COVID-19 tests giving rise to the health pass will be reduced to 24 hours, he said. This period, which allows unvaccinated or fully vaccinated people to benefit from the health pass, was previously 72 hours.

The decision is part of a tightening of the measures announced by the government in the face of a new upsurge in the epidemic.

All people over the age of 18 will have to justify their health pass “from the January 15 “& nbsp; 2022 having received a booster dose of COVID vaccine no more than seven months after the previous one, he said.

“As of December 15, the health pass for people over 65 will no longer be active if the booster has not been made within seven months of infection or after the last injection,” said Mr. & nbsp; Véran in front of the press.

Oliver Véran finally indicated that France is studying the possibility of vaccinating children aged 5 to 11 against COVID-19, but in any case, this will not not take place before “beginning & nbsp; 2022”.

“This vaccination, if it were decided in France, would not start before the beginning of the year & nbsp; 2022”, declared M. & nbsp; Véran, who appealed to national health authorities after the approval of Pfizer's vaccine for 5-11 years by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

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