COVID-19 in Quebec: still no peak in sight

COVID-19 in Quebec: still no peak in sight


There is nothing to suggest that the peak of hospitalizations linked to COVID-19 has been reached in Quebec, analyze experts who predict that the pressure will still be strong for several weeks in hospitals.  

“The situation on the ground is still very tense. The cases may be rising less quickly, but they are rising,” notes Dr. Hoang Duong, president of the Association of Internal Medicine Specialists of Quebec. 

COVID-19 in Quebec: still no peak in sight

Photo courtesy, ASMIQ Hoang Duong, Internist < p>Yesterday, 3,381 people were hospitalized because of COVID-19 in Quebec, including 286 in intensive care, according to the National Institute of Public Health of Quebec. These are record figures since the start of the pandemic.

Last week, the government mentioned that the peak of the fifth wave was approaching. However, hospitalization data is still on the rise. And since Quebec no longer counts cases of community transmission, the experts interviewed by Le Journal were unable to say where the wave is at. 

“It's hard to predict where we're going. To observe a downward trend, we will have to observe it over several consecutive days, ”analyzes Kevin L'Espérance, epidemiologist. 

Long hospitalized< /p>

The number of new patients hospitalized with COVID-19 has dropped recently, but the total remains high as these patients remain in hospital for a long time. 

“It is sure that it will not go down in four days, we do not see any clearing in the short term, analyzes Dr. Karl Weiss, epidemiologist-infectiologist at the Jewish General Hospital in Montreal. At least for the next three, four weeks, we will be in this wave. » 

Besides, the latter thinks that we will stay on a plateau for a week or two, once the peak is reached. According to many, the reopening of schools and the end of the curfew are unpredictable factors for community transmission. 

Management too strict 

Hospitals have been canceling hundreds of surgeries for weeks for lack of available beds. A dramatic situation for which doctors are calling for a relaxation of protocols related to COVID-19. 

“The system will have to reinvent itself quickly to ensure that care is provided, says Dr. Judy Morris, president of the Quebec Association of Emergency Physicians. Traditional management is so strict, that's what paralyzes us.  

Constant increase in hospitalizations  

  • January 10: 2742  
  • January 11: < strong>2877  
  • January 12: 2994  
  • January 13: 3085  
  • January 14: 3195  
  • January 15: 3300  
  • January 16: 3381   

Nearly 16,000 healthcare workers absent due to COVID-19


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