COVID-19 in the Capitale-Nationale: 25,000 people vaccinated before the end of the month

COVID-19 in the Capitale-Nationale: 25,000 people vaccinated before the end of the month

La Capitale-Nationale will vaccinate more than ever in the coming weeks, so much so that more than 25,000 people should have received their first injection against COVID-19 before the end of the month.

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The CIUSSS took stock on Friday morning on the unprecedented vaccination campaign which aims, initially, to protect vulnerable populations and to preserve its health network.

“Monday evening, our planning ensures that we will not have any more doses in the freezer, so we will be, really, in reception mode for new doses, and the planning is done so that we can inoculate all of the doses within 5 to 7 days, ”said Patricia McKinnon, regional coordinator of civil protection at the CIUSSS.

The operation to vaccinate CHSLD employees is over and more than 6,000 CIUSSS workers have already received their first injection in their arm.

The campaign has expanded in recent days to reach health workers in hospitals and other sectors, such as professionals working in CLSCs, ambulance attendants and even pharmacists.

The CIUSSS believes it will be able to vaccinate up to 15,000 health workers within three weeks.

In addition, we hope to have vaccinated all residents of CHSLDs in the territory, i.e. 4,000 people, by January 17.

On Friday, mobile teams were expected in the Saint-Jean-Eudes (Charlesbourg), Sainte-Monique (L’Ancienne-Lorette) and Saint-François (Limoilou) accommodation centers.

On Sunday, we plan to vaccinate the entire population in CHSLDs residing in the Portneuf region.

So that, before the end of the month, some 25,000 people, both CHSLD residents and health workers, should have started their immunization in the Quebec region.

More details to come …

The Journal is looking for testimonials from people who have been carriers of COVID-19 without knowing it and who have seen those around them fall ill when they themselves had no symptoms. Since the start of the pandemic, many asymptomatic people have infected those around them without knowing it. This has happened in particular in CHSLDs and sports circles. We would love to hear from you if you have experienced such a situation.

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