COVID-19: in the face of its ” weaknesses “, the Sweden launches audit

COVID-19: face à ses « faiblesses », la Suède lance un audit

Criticized for its preparation “incomplete” and its “weaknesses” in the face of emergency situations highlighted by the outbreak of new coronavirus, the Swedish government announced on Thursday to launch an audit on its ability to guarantee the necessary resources in the event of a crisis.

The mission was entrusted to the Swedish national Institute of research on the defence (FAITH), a government body which, the day before, published a report pointing out the deficiencies of the Swedish authorities in times of crisis, particularly in their management of the health crisis linked to the COVID-19.

In this report entitled “Perspectives on the pandemic,” the researchers of the institute go back on the “scarcity rapidly increasing the use of protective equipment and other medical supplies” at the dawn of the epidemic.

Although, having faced several epidemics from the Twenty-first century, such as the avian flu in 2006 and swine flu in 2009, ” Sweden, like many other countries, stayed with a preparation incomplete when the pandemic of sars coronavirus has spread “, they write.

In addition, note the researchers, ” the epidemic of coronavirus has highlighted the weaknesses in the preparation of the Swedish crisis “.

The report of the FAITH is expected on the 16th of November and will lay the foundation for a more in-depth study on the preparedness of crisis.

Sweden, which has recently announced the establishment of a commission to assess the response of the countries in the face of COVID-19, chose an original approach in Europe by not confining its population.

The health authorities have called on everyone to ” responsibility “: a gap between physical, strict application of the rules of hygiene, isolation in case of symptoms. Among the most harsh measures taken so far include the ban of gatherings of more than 50 people and visits in the retirement homes.

On Thursday, the balance in Sweden has reached 5411 dead for more than 70 000 cases and 41 deaths recorded in 24 hours. Compared to its population, the scandinavian countries displayed the fifth-worst rate of mortality due to COVID-19 in the world, five to twelve times higher than those of its neighbouring nordic countries (Norway, Finland, Denmark).

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