COVID-19 : intimate relationships… to two meters of distance

COVID-19 : des rapports intimes... à deux mètres de distance

MONTREAL – Having intimate relationships, while maintaining two meters of distance between the people involved, it is possible: it takes only a little creativity and sex toys connected to it may help.

The vice-president of the chain of boutiques erotic Seduction, Julien Arsenault, explains that there are two types of toys that can move or vibrate at a distance: those who are controlled using a remote control, so it is relatively close, and those that have a Bluetooth function, and which can be controlled from an application by a person who is located anywhere in the world.

“We can make a video call, you can see live what is happening,” suggested Mr. Arsenault in an interview with the “24 Hours”.

It is estimated that these toys are on average between $ 150 and $ 250, depending on the quality of the engine, or even the application. “There are breeches in vibrant, that have been very popular. There are also anal toys, toys, prostate, or vibrators female”, he enumerated.

Sales of sex toys have skyrocketed during the pandemic. At the beginning of the confinement, online sales from the boutique Seduction were five to six times more important than usual.

Some retailers have even decided to give sex toys in this period of meetings to be limited, as the brand’s montreal sex toys Bellesa.

Such a practice, when done with the informed consent of all participants, can allow a couple to deepen their intimacy in a new way, according to the author of the book “All nude!”, Myriam Daguzan-Bernier, who is a student in sexology.

“Knowing that there is still a risk of contagion, a new couple may decide to try stuff at a distance and I am sure that it brings a new aspect of sexuality,” she pointed out.

Recall that according to the instructions of government, it is still prohibited to kiss someone who does not live under the same roof than yourself.

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