COVID-19: Maximum of 1,000 spectators for sports in Ontario

COVID-19: maximum of 1000 spectators for sports in Ontario

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The Ontario government has announced that a limit of 1,000 spectators will be set as of Friday for local games of professional teams playing on its territory.

Thus, the Maple Leafs and the Toronto Raptors, just like the Ottawa Senators, will have to comply with this new measure aimed at curbing the spread of COVID-19. In the case of rooms with a capacity of less than 2,000 seats, the authorized ceiling will be 50%.

In addition, the administration of Prime Minister Doug Ford has halved the period of compulsory isolation for any person declared positive for the coronavirus, the whole passing to five days. This decision follows that of US Public Health, which the National Hockey League has also chosen to implement. However, the affected person will need to have seen their symptoms subside for at least 24 hours.

On Saturday, the Leafs are due to host the Ottawa Senators at Scotiabank Arena, but the Bettman Home could postpone the clash to avoid loss of income. In the NBA, the Raptors meet the Los Angeles Clippers at home on Friday.

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