COVID-19 : Mexico is testing a vaccine developed by Sanofi

COVID-19 : le Mexique teste un vaccin développé par Sanofi

Mexico will participate in the final phase of testing for a vaccine against the covid-19 that the French laboratory Sanofi develops, announced on Thursday that the mexican minister of foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard.

“This is the first protocol phase 3 to be carried out in Mexico, without cost to our country,” said Mr Ebrard to journalists after participating in a public event.

Phase 3 of vaccine development is one in which its effectiveness is measured on a large scale after the first step where it evaluates its safety, and a second step where we explore its effectiveness on smaller groups.

The minister explained that Mexicans “are part” of a group of 35 000 volunteers around the world who will test the vaccine.

Mr. Ebrard has not specified which of the various vaccines being developed by Sanofi, a leading global pharmaceutical groups, will be tested in Mexico.

The laboratory is working on a project with his british counterpart GSK.

Clinical trials are planned for September and may be available during the first half of 2021.

Sanofi is also working with the us biotechnology company Translate Bio to develop another vaccine for which clinical trials should begin at the end of the year and whose production could be approved in the second half of 2021 in the case of a positive result.

Mexico is also negotiating with the United States, her participation in “all or part” of the tests that the national institutes of health (the NIH) to develop with several laboratories in order to achieve a vaccine, said Mr. Ebrard.

Moderna, one of these laboratories, said Tuesday that the vaccine on which he is working has generated an immune response “strong” by stopping the replication of the new coronavirus in the lungs and nose of the monkey.

The mexican government is also in talks with China and Germany, and seeks to ensure access to the vaccines developed by the pharmaceutical company australian AstraZeneca with the University of Oxford, and by the american company Pfizer with the German company Biontech, said the minister of foreign Affairs.

With 45 361 death to the date of Wednesday, Mexico is the fourth country most affected in the world by the new pandemic of sars coronavirus, behind the United States, Brazil and the United Kingdom.

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