COVID-19: more than 20 million cases detected in Europe

COVID-19: more than 20 million cases detected in Europe

PARIS | More than 20 million cases of the new coronavirus have been officially recorded in Europe since the arrival of the virus on the continent in early 2020, according to a count made by AFP from reports provided by health authorities on Tuesday.

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The 52 countries in the region constitute the most affected area in the world in terms of number of cases, ahead of the United States and Canada (15.4 million cases) and Latin America (13.6 million). In total, more than 67 million cases of Covid-19 have been detected worldwide since the start of the pandemic.

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In the past seven days, the region has recorded nearly 40% of all new cases detected worldwide, but the progression of the virus appears to be stabilizing there, with a decrease of 2% of cases compared to the previous week. An average of 236,000 new daily cases have been recorded in the region over the past seven days.

More details will follow.

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