COVID-19: not to worry… yet

COVID-19: pas de quoi s’inquiéter... encore

Should we worry that the rising cases of COVID-19 observed in Québec since more than a week ? Recently, misbehaviour during gatherings and private bars have revived fears. Yesterday, the prime minister Justin Trudeau stated that” it is not yet out of the woods “. The day before, the minister of public Safety, Genevieve Guilbault, felt that the situation was “stable” and ” under control “. Our investigation agency shows you four charts to understand at a glance where is the pandemic in Quebec.

1. The number of cases has started to rise… a little

When it comes to the new positive cases of COVID-19 according to the date on which they were declared, there is a curve in slightly. For example, there were 193 new cases on the 17th of July, and as much the next day. It is more than at the end of June, while it was rather between 60 and 100 cases per day. But it is still very far from the values observed in the spring, with, for example, 1109 new cases on April 15, and 1063 on the 1st of may.

2. We test a lot more than before

“There has been a certain increase in the number of positive cases, but this increase has been observed parallel to the fact that there were also many more tests which have been carried out “, noted the minister Guilbault Monday.

She has a good reason. For example, the 17 July, we carried out 16 466 tests. The previous two days, it was over 14,000. On the question of tests, Quebec raised the bar. The health network had difficulty in making 6000 per day in the month of June. And the more we test, the more we find.

“Proportionally, the number of infected people remains around 2 % or less of the number of tests in total are performed per day “, noted the minister, which did not alarm not.

3. There are almost more than death

At the end of April, it was the slaughter, especially in NURSING homes and residences for seniors. 151 people died of the COVID-19 on 29 April, at the peak of the curve. We crossed so gaily 100 deaths per day. Since then, we have to go back to the 24th of June to find a day with more than 10 deaths due to the coronavirus.

4. Hospitalizations continue to decline

Good news also on the plane of the hospitalizations. The decrease observed from mid-may continues. With approximately 250 patients admitted to inpatient this time, including intensive care, it is very far from the 1500 hospitalizations counted in the month of may. “The number of hospitalizations continues to decline day by day, so this is also encouraging “, said the vice-prime minister in the beginning of the week.

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