COVID-19: only six new deaths in Canada

COVID-19: seulement six nouveaux décès au Canada

Canada has recorded only six new deaths related to the COVID-19, Monday, which is their best record since last march.

In the whole country, the provinces have reported a total of 288 new infections, mostly in Ontario, for a total of 101 637 to this day. Not least of 8436 Canadians have died after having contracted the disease.

The last time that Canada has identified as few of deaths due to the pandemic dates back to 29 march, the date on which the country had been five dead and had 66 from one ocean to the other.

Quebec is particularly well pulled Monday by announcing there have listed no deaths in the past 24 hours, a first since the 29th of march last.

In addition, the Belle Province has identified that 69 new cases of the disease, which is the lowest number observed since exactly three months, while 38 cases had been announced on 22 march.

Further déconfinement

For its part, the Ontario, struggling with a few major outbreaks on farms in the south-west of the province, reported 161 new cases of COVID-19, as well as three additional deaths.

Despite all this, the province has made another step in his déconfinement allowing Toronto and the region of Peel to enter, as soon as Wednesday, in the phase two of the economic recovery, which will allow the reopening of certain personal care services, terraces of restaurants and bars, as well as shopping centers.

“This announcement today is another sign that we continue to make progress”, welcomed the prime minister of ontario, Doug Ford, during his daily press conference.

Only the Windsor-Essex region, in the heart of the outbreaks in agricultural areas that have already cost the lives of three foreign workers, mexican, remains confined to the phase 1 of re-opening.

Elsewhere in the country, the four Atlantic provinces have announced no new cases of COVID-19 for a second day in a row, but Nova Scotia has lamented death.

The pandemic has also made two victims in the west, that is, one in Alberta and one in British Columbia. These two provinces have also reported each 32 new cases, but this data covers the last three days in the Pacific province.

Manitoba, for its part, reported a case of COVID-19, while announcing that visits to care centres for elders will be able to resume as early as Tuesday.

The situation in Canada

  • Québec: 54 835 cases (5417 death)
  • Ontario: 33 637 cases (2609 death)
  • Alberta: 7736 cases (153 deaths)
  • British Columbia: 2822 case (169 deaths)
  • Nova Scotia: 1061 cases (63 deaths)
  • Saskatchewan: 751 cases (13 deaths)
  • Manitoba: 314 cases (7 deaths)
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: 261 cases (3 deaths)
  • New Brunswick: 164 cases (2 deaths)
  • Île-du-Prince-Édouard: 27 cases
  • Yukon: 11
  • The North-West territories: 5 cases
  • Nunavut: 0 cases
  • Canadian returnees: 13 case

Total: 101 637 cases (8436 deaths)

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