COVID-19: Ontario continues to lag behind Quebec

COVID-19: l'Ontario continue de distancer le Québec

Although she has crossed the symbolic milestone of 40 000 infections, the COVID-19 Sunday, Ontario had, by far, its best week in its fight against the pandemic since last march, with much better balance sheets than Quebec.

In the beginning of the week, the minister of Health of Quebec, Christian Dubé, stated that his government wanted to achieve “do better than Ontario in terms of the number of new cases of COVID-19.

It is clear that la Belle Province will be a hard to do to get there. On Sunday, Ontario announced that it had listed only 79 people infected by the coronavirus in the past 24 hours, compared to 104 in la Belle Province.

With this new report, Ontario now has more than 40 000 diagnostics official (40 046) of COVID-19, but the province has taken this course at the end of a week where it has not announced more than 100 cases only once. This is a first in the most populous province of Canada since march.

In fact, Ontario has announced, during the last seven days, 597 contamination to the virus SARS-CoV-2, an average of 85.3 per day. Overall, the number of cases goes down continually in this province since the second week of June, despite a few rebounds here and there.

Far behind

Quebec, for its part, can boast an improvement in its balance sheets, with 104 new cases and three deaths Sunday. This is, however, close to one month that the government Legault was not able to announce less than 100 new cases per day. It is necessary to go back to the 11th of July last, with 91 infected patients, to find a balance in the 100 cases.

During the last seven days, the province has accumulated 872 tests positive, 124,6 per day on an average. This is 58 % higher than in Ontario.

Hard day in Manitoba

In addition, the Manitoba posted on Sunday, their worst record since April 2, last with 35 new infections. The Prairie province, which had not had a single positive test during the first two weeks of July, has now 97 cases over the past four days.

Dozens of infected people are on the side of Brandon, where an outbreak occurred in a factory cutting pork business to Maple Leaf. According to what was stated by the union of employees at the Winnipeg Free Press, 18 employees have contracted the virus to date.

“These cases remind us that the COVID-19 has not finished with us in Manitoba,” commented in a press briefing the chief medical health officer for the province, Dr. Brent Roussin.

Saskatchewan, meanwhile, has reported 15 cases of COVID-19 Sunday, while the “bubble of the Atlantic” remained waterproof. Alberta and British Columbia have not unveiled new data, as usual at weekends.

Canada has now a total of 119 451 people who have contracted the virus since the beginning of the pandemic. Five Canadians were added to the patients who died after having contracted the virus, for a total of 8981 until now.

The situation in Canada

Quebec: 60 471 cases (5695 death)

Ontario: 40 046 cases (2786 death)

Alberta: 11 430 cases (208 deaths) – data Friday

British Columbia: 3934 case (195 deaths) – data Friday

Saskatchewan: 1445 cases (20 deaths)

Nova Scotia: 1071 cases (64 deaths)

Manitoba: 542 cases (8 deaths)

Newfoundland and Labrador: 267 cases (3 deaths)

New Brunswick: 176 cases (2 deaths)

Île-du-Prince-Édouard: 36 cases

Yukon: 15 case

The North-West territories: 5 cases

Nunavut: 0 cases

Canadian returnees: 13 case

Total: 119 451 cases (8981 death)

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