COVID-19: Ottawa assessment center soon ready

Ottawa’s first COVID-19 assessment center will open soon. A measure that will reduce the pressure on the emergency rooms of hospitals in the federal capital.
“It is very important at this point to offer an option to people to have a test in a place other than hospitals,” said Ottawa Public Health chief physician Dr. Vera Etches.

To create this evaluation center, the Brewer arena – 151 Brewer Avenue – was quickly transformed into a meeting point for people who fear having contracted COVID-19 after an international trip or after being in contact close with a person who has been diagnosed.

“This center is only for people with mild symptoms,” said Dr. Andrew Willmore, medical director of emergency management at the Ottawa Hospital. If you have symptoms of a serious illness, such as shortness of breath, abdominal pain or if you really feel unwell, we prefer that you go to the emergency room, as you normally would. ”

Si vous n’avez pas de symptômes, ce n’est pas nécessaire de venir subir un test, même si vous avez été en contact avec une personne porteuse de la #Covid19Ottawa . On recommande quand même l’isolement volontaire en cas de contact.

Le centre n’est pas encore ouvert et les gens font déjà la file pour subir un test pour la #Covid19Ottawa

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People who come to the Brewer arena will first meet with triage staff to determine if their case requires the attention of specialists. A doctor will then decide if it is necessary for them to get tested.

People who have no symptoms do not have to go to the assessment center, even if they have been in contact with an infected person, warns Dr. Vera Etches. The latter however specifies that it is recommended for these people to place themselves in voluntary isolation.

The COVID-19 test involves taking a nasal sample using a cotton swab. The patients then return home while the samples are sent to a laboratory in Ottawa, Kingston or Toronto. Between 6 and 12 hours later, they are informed of the verdict.

Aerial transmission discarded

The chief medical officer of SPO indicates that the material favored by health specialists is to avoid spreading by droplets and not by air. After a review of scientific publications on COVID-19, the Ontario healthcare community therefore believes that the new coronavirus is spread by direct contact with body fluids.

“The protection and the equipment of the workers of the health system used, as a precaution, it was also the material which protects from an air transmission, underlines Dr. Etches. “This morning, the Chief Medical Officer of Health for Ontario confirmed that it is best to use protection for droplet and contact transmission.”

Three cases in Ottawa

There are now three confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ottawa. The latest update from the Ontario government speaks to the third case as an elderly woman in her 40s returning from the UK who is in voluntary segregation – the wife of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Sophie Grégoire.

The other two cases reported earlier this week in the capital are related to trips to Austria and Italy.

Ontario has so far recorded 79 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus, five of which are considered resolved by two negative tests. Some 580 tests are being analyzed across the province.

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